[darcs-users] GSoC: network optimisation vs cache vs library?

Alberto Bertogli albertito at blitiri.com.ar
Sat Apr 17 06:34:57 UTC 2010

On Fri, Apr 16, 2010 at 02:02:11AM -0400, Max Battcher wrote:
> Alberto Bertogli wrote:
>> As I mentioned above, I don't see how this is a web scalability issue. A gui
>> frontend would show the same behaviour, because it's the one displayed by
>> darcs itself.
> A GUI frontend would have progress indicators and probably also the  
> ability to cancel long-running tasks (just as darcs itself has progress  
> indicators and responds to Ctrl+C). It would be unlikely for a  
> well-built GUI to accidentally spawn too many darcs processes and  
> entirely disrupt a system. Whereas a web server might see random,  
> accidental or belligerent/disruptive surfing of a web server, and  
> accidentally spawn too many processes. (Which was the issue I was  
> primarily responding to: Trac+Darcs spawning a "large" number of  
> simultaneous darcs processes that ate up all the CPU/memory of the web  
> server.)

Yes, but I think that's missing the point.

No amount of UI is going to make a darcs operation faster.

I think the issue here was how the darcs operation was slow, not the tricks
trac uses/can use to handle it better and be more friendly about it.


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