[darcs-users] More darcs merging fun.

Axel Simon Axel.Simon at in.tum.de
Tue Apr 20 14:57:37 UTC 2010


I'm still trying to work out how to get the Gtk2Hs repo in sync with  
what I have locally.

I've obliterated a few patches in code.haskell.org:/srv/gtk2hs such  
that nothing occurred when saying darcs pull in my local repo. I've  
added all the patches I needed and then did this:

~/source/gtk2hs $ darcs push code.haskell.org:/srv/code/gtk2hs
Thu Nov 12 22:39:16 CET 2009  Axel.Simon at ens.fr
   * Add the TreeModelFilter module and a demo.
Shall I push this patch? (1/38)  [ynWvplxdaqjk], or ? for help: a
Reading inventory of repository /srv/code/gtk2hs inventory
Examining patches for conflicts 2/38
darcs: Couldn't find patch matching "hash 20100409164412- 
Xtract: Ran out of input (EOF)
Finished applying...
Push successful.

The resulting repository is identical to my local one (darcs pull/ 
darcs push doesn't do anything). But I have this feeling that I should  
worry. Should I worry? Has the error really occurred at the 2nd patch  
or might this be an artifact?

Any comments welcome.


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