[darcs-users] Conversion to darcs2 repositories

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Thu Apr 22 12:56:33 UTC 2010

On 22 Apr 2010, at 01:31, Max Battcher wrote:

> Dan Pascu wrote:
>> None knows the answer to this?
> Ghost conflicts?
> More seriously, since you don't see any obvious conflict markers  
> have you checked:
> * darcs whatsnew
> * darcs revert
> * _darcs/patches/pending
> * *darcs-backup* (in more recent builds)
> ?

I did. That's what puzzles me. The repo seems fine, yet the conversion  
claims it had conflicts.

> Certainly if the repo is consistent (and you say darcs check is  
> fine), I'm not sure that I'd personally be too worried by the  
> unidentifiable conflicts.

But that's the whole issue. As a user I'm confused at this point  
because the information is conflicting. On one side I'm told that  
there were conflicts and there is no mention that they were handled or  
not, while on the other side an inspection of the repo tells  
otherwise. However even after all this I'm still not sure if my  
inspection of the repo was thorough enough to really assure me that  
there is no problem.

And this is not an issue limited to one conversion. I've seen this  
with every repository I tried to convert so far. To be honest this  
conversion doesn't seem to appealing if it leaves me confused about  
the end result.

This is why I asked, because someone with a better understanding of  
the process may shed a light on this. Maybe those messages are  
harmless and darcs was able to handle the conflicts. Maybe the message  
just needs better wording like "Solved conflicts in the following  
files:" instead of the "We had conflicts in the following files:",  
which is stronger and suggest that there are conflicts and they were  
not resolved.


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