[darcs-users] Something is seriously wrong with Darcs on Windows

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Fri Apr 23 18:14:20 UTC 2010

Hi Salvatore,

On Tue, Apr 20, 2010 at 16:13:32 +0200, Salvatore Insalaco wrote:
> Even if the tests on the buildbot passes (is it actually using the
> last version?), darcs on Windows is broken :(.

Oh dear! :-(  I've discussed the situation on IRC with Petr a bit.

What do you think of this course of action?

1. Restore the darcs 2.3.1 link on the Binaries page [DONE]

   I have taken the liberty of uploading your semi-official
   binary to darcs.net (effectively blessing it) and doing darcs
   rollback on the wiki plus some more changes to point to the
   new official 2.3.1

2. Post an official advisory telling Windows users to use 2.3.1
   Please feel free to just do this, of course, if you feel
   this is the right plan.

3. Work on darcs 2.4.2 resolving the Windows issue specifically

4. Think harder about how to further improve our Windows support
   for example infrastructure-wise

> I have to do some tests about it: it actually worked with
> hashed-storage 0.4.8...

Interesting.  We've seen breakage with hashed-storage 0.4.10 and
hashed-storage 0.4.11

Perhaps this can help us track things down?

> Petr, do you have any idea of the causes?
> I'm really sorry to let it slip :(.

Everybody's just doing their best :-)
We'll get there!

PS. I'm crossing my fingers on getting a proper darcs catch-up day
    hopefully some bits of Sunday and Tuesday

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