[darcs-users] rebase: initial preview release

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Tue Aug 17 21:27:09 UTC 2010


I'd like to announce a first preview release of a new 'rebase' feature for 

As a first preview, it comes with the obvious caveats about eating your 
repository etc etc.

I intend to keep his feature on a branch for quite a while, in part so 
that I can "dogfood" it to keep the branch up to date, and in part to 
avoid it ending up in a release before it's ready.

Please see http://wiki.darcs.net/Ideas/RebaseStatus for instructions on 
download and use.

Please do send as much feedback as you can. There's lots I know I need to 
do, but also a lot of uncertainty around how the UI should behave.



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