[darcs-users] proposal for 2.8 : fastconvert (and remark on the process)

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Sat Dec 4 01:30:18 UTC 2010

On Fri, 3 Dec 2010, Florent Becker wrote:

> If we include it, I'm strongly against using the convert subcommand for
> import-export, since it already has delicate semantics which would only
> be made even more byzantine: darcs convert works in place, while
> darcs-fastconvert deals with import/export streams, darcs convert needs
> to be done once centrally, a constraint we may or may not have with
> darcs-fastconvert.

We ought to aim to relax these restrictions somewhat and make darcs 
convert more user friendly. I don't think it's actually necessary to do 
the convert once centrally, so long as each patch is only converted once. 
Ultimately I think I'd like to see both darcs convert and 
darcs-fastconvert behave as bridges.


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