[darcs-users] Darcs 2.4 - performance testing (stage 0)

Nathan Gray kolibrie at graystudios.org
Tue Jan 5 18:30:38 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jan 04, 2010 at 05:50:18PM +0100, Petr Rockai wrote:
> Please nuke repo.darcs and re-run darcs-benchmark --get: I have updated
> the tarball, which had the unrevert patch in it by accident. I will also
> release a darcs-benchmark fix (it's available in the darcs repo at
> http://repos.mornfall.net/darcs/benchmark) that just nukes the unrevert
> file before running unpull (which is safer than relying on the tarballs
> not including unrevert patch).

I got a new tarball for darcs, which worked great.  The ghc
tarball also hangs on the 'unpull' command.

  $ darcs-benchmark /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 get (full) [darcs]: 1!..2!..10.9s, 11.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 get (lazy, x10) [darcs]: 1!..2!..9.9s, 3.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 pull 100 [darcs]: 1!..2...  3.8s, 21.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 annotate [darcs]: 1...2...  23.6s, 186.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh x50 [darcs]: 1...2...    0.8s, 0.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh mod x50 [darcs]: 1...2...5.8s, 2.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh -l x20 [darcs]: 1...2... 3.7s, 4.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 check [darcs]: 1...2...     21.8s, 47.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 repair [darcs]: 1...2...    21.9s, 33.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 pull 1000 [darcs]: 1...2... 24.1s, 28.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs get (full) [darcs]: 1...2!..      10.9s, 11.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs get (lazy, x10) [darcs]: 1!..2!.. 10.1s, 3.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs pull 100 [darcs]: 1!..2...        4.1s, 17.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs annotate [darcs]: 1...2...        23.9s, 188.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs wh x50 [darcs]: 1...2...          2.6s, 0.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs wh mod x50 [darcs]: 1...2...      8.0s, 2.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs wh -l x20 [darcs]: 1...2...       2.1s, 3.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs check [darcs]: 1...2...           55.8s, 241.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs repair [darcs]: 1...2...          55.5s, 258.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs pull 1000 [darcs]: 1...2...       23.8s, 31.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 get (full) [ghc-hashed]: 1!..2!..57.4s, 69.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 get (lazy, x10) [ghc-hashed]: 1!..2!..40.5s, 8.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 pull 100 [ghc-hashed]: 1!..2...12.9s, 36.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 annotate [ghc-hashed]: 1... error: user error (no files to annotate)
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh x50 [ghc-hashed]: 1...2...1.6s, 0.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh mod x50 [ghc-hashed]: 1...2...9.4s, 3.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 wh -l x20 [ghc-hashed]: 1...2...9.9s, 8.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 check [ghc-hashed]: 1...2...309.9s, 152.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 repair [ghc-hashed]: 1...2...314.7s, 142.0M
  /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1 pull 1000 [ghc-hashed]: 1...

The ghc tarball gets stuck trying to unrevert these files:


After updating my copy of darcs-benchmark with the 'Delete the
unrevert patch in the pull benchmarks' patch, the benchmark runs

=== darcs ===

                || /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1        | /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs       
     get (full) ||                          11.2s  11.0M | 10.6s  11.0M
get (lazy, x10) ||                          10.1s   3.0M | 9.9s   3.0M
       pull 100 ||                           3.9s  21.0M | 3.7s  17.0M
       annotate ||                          24.3s 186.0M | 24.6s 188.0M
         wh x50 ||                           0.8s   0.0M | 2.6s   0.0M
     wh mod x50 ||                           5.9s   2.0M | 8.1s   2.0M
      wh -l x20 ||                           3.8s   4.0M | 2.2s   3.0M
          check ||                          22.8s  47.0M | 56.8s 241.0M
         repair ||                          21.8s  29.0M | 57.1s 241.0M
      pull 1000 ||                          24.5s  35.0M | 24.6s  32.0M

=== ghc-hashed ===

                || /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs-2.3.1        | /home/kolibrie/bin/darcs       
     get (full) ||                          58.7s  69.0M | 60.5s  68.0M
get (lazy, x10) ||                          42.2s   8.0M | 42.8s   7.0M
       pull 100 ||                          13.0s  37.0M | 12.5s  48.0M
       annotate ||                              -      - | -      -
         wh x50 ||                           1.7s   0.0M | 5.4s   0.0M
     wh mod x50 ||                           9.5s   3.0M | 14.5s   3.0M
      wh -l x20 ||                          10.1s   8.0M | 5.0s   3.0M
          check ||                         321.1s 142.0M | -      -
         repair ||                         319.4s 152.0M | 780.8s 355.0M
      pull 1000 ||                          57.1s 201.0M | 56.9s 195.0M

Not sure what happened to 'check' on the ghc repo.

  darcs check [ghc-hashed]: 1... error: user error (darcs failed with error code 1
  saying: Replaying patch 4 done, 20938 queued. Mon Nov 28 14:39:04 EST 2005  John Goerzen
  Replaying patch 11 done, 20931 queued. Wed Jan 10 07:39:42 EST 1996  partain
  Replaying patch 20911 done, 31 queued. Thu Jul 23 02:55:04 EDT 2009  simonpj at mic
  Cleaning cache /home/kolibrie/.darcs/cache/pristine.hashed 21002


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