[darcs-users] [patch72] resolve issue1624 break global cache up into subdirectories

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Sat Jan 9 20:37:45 UTC 2010

Hello Luca,

Op woensdag 23 december 2009 12:00 schreef je:
> Have you already applied this? I may have found a bug on it.

I considered applying it tonight, but it raised some more questions on IRC:

  [21:26] <Heffalump> it effectively throws away the existing cache, right?
  [21:26] * Heffalump is a bit dubious about that
  [21:27] <kowey> dubious about that being a good idea?
  [21:31] <tux_rocker> would restructuring the cache be much faster than just    
                       rebuilding it?
  [21:32] <idnar> doesn't throwing the cache away potentially lose data?

I think Heffalump was really dubious about throwing away the existing cache 
being a good idea.

Additionally, the patch introduces two compiler warnings:

  [52 of 63] Compiling Darcs.Repository.Cache ( src/Darcs/Repository/Cache.hs,         
  dist/build/unit/unit-tmp/Darcs/Repository/Cache.o )                            

      Warning: This binding for `f' shadows the existing binding
                 bound at src/Darcs/Repository/Cache.hs:113:39  
               In the definition of `hashedBucket'              

      Warning: This binding for `s' shadows the existing binding
                 bound at src/Darcs/Repository/Cache.hs:113:37  
               In a case alternative

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