[darcs-users] [patch133] Accept issue1726: Files with _darcs prefix are always ...

davidm bugs at darcs.net
Mon Jan 11 20:50:37 UTC 2010

davidm <david at blueshellturtle.com> added the comment:

[Accept issue1726: Files with _darcs prefix are always boring
Daniel Dickison <danieldickison at gmail.com>**20100110024341
 Ignore-this: 872c208940145e91aa323ebf0d3b342e
] addfile ./tests/failing-issue1726_darcs_always-boring.sh
hunk ./tests/failing-issue1726_darcs_always-boring.sh 1
+touch _darcsfoo
+# Passing --boring should definitely not fail.
+darcs whatsnew -ls --boring
+darcs add --boring _darcsfoo
+# Without --boring, it should succeed given the default boring file.
+darcs whatsnew -ls
+darcs add _darcsfoo

The second add will fail with a "The following file is already in the repository" warning.

nosy: +davidm

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