[darcs-users] [patch127] Re: patches to Darcs.Commands.ShowFiles, and repository internals

Petr Ročkai bugs at darcs.net
Mon Jan 11 23:43:46 UTC 2010

Petr Ročkai <me at mornfall.net> added the comment:


Ganesh Sittampalam <bugs at darcs.net> writes:

>> [make slurpPristine use absolute paths (no more need to wrap in
> getCurrrentDirectory/withCurrentDirectory)
>> thomashartman1 at gmail.com**20100102175426
>>  Ignore-this: 9e0d47590c4b92d9c6c774730136113e
>> ]
> I'm not convinced this patch is correct, since mmap_slurp itself looks at the
> current directory. I definitely support the intention though. Could you provide
> more justification of why it's ok?

One more thing to keep in mind with this kind of patches is that
handling absolute paths (and probably more so with FilePath/String-based
paths) could be potentially much more expensive than handling relative
paths. Path manipulation is a nontrivial portion of the darcs processing
time and doing this kind of change could slow down things across the

In a repository that lives at 40-character deep absolute path, with
10000 files, the path operations done for pristine need to churn over 3
megabytes extra of the common prefixes (10000 * 40 * 8 -- assuming 8
bytes per String element). If the paths are stored (not sure right now),
the prefixes cannot be shared due to nature of Haskell lists.

Moreover, the index stores relative paths, since the repository root can
relocate. If we required absolute paths to be used in stat/open calls,
this would force darcs to copy each path out of the mmap'd index into
the heap, concatenating it with current path, again an operation that is
not completely free (the ability to pass pointers into the mmap area
without further manipulation directly to stat proved to be an important

I would say that if you are running on Linux, the right answer to your
problem is omitting CLONE_FS from the clone(...) flags (which makes the
threads to have their own working directory). I am not sure this is
achievable through the pthread interface, though.


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