[darcs-users] [patch136] remove the hardcoded string "_darcs" in ... (and 1 more)

Petr Ročkai bugs at darcs.net
Tue Jan 12 21:55:16 UTC 2010

Petr Ročkai <me at mornfall.net> added the comment:

Daniel Dickison <bugs at darcs.net> writes:
> Unless I wrote it incorrectly, the regression test in patch135 already checks to 
> make sure _darcs/foo gets skipped:
> +touch _darcs/foo
> +not darcs add _darcs/foo

This correctly tests add, but I suspect that add is not the only code
that ever uses the boring filter in possibly fancy ways. I would expect
a more thorough argument as for why this is safe, especially since the
semantic change is easily avoided.

The problem is that there are some ... creative ... pieces of code in
darcs and it's not exactly good idea to change something that could have
unintended consequences unless you are very sure that it won't. Eric
could probably extol the virtues of conservativism much better than me


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