[darcs-users] [patch136] remove the hardcoded string "_darcs" in ... (and 1 more)

Trent W. Buck twb at cybersource.com.au
Thu Jan 14 03:08:22 UTC 2010

Daniel Dickison <bugs at darcs.net> writes:

> Unless I wrote it incorrectly, the regression test in patch135 already
> checks to make sure _darcs/foo gets skipped:
> +not darcs add -r _darcs
> +not darcs add -r --boring _darcs
> +
> +# ...as well as user-created files under _darcs (?)
> +touch _darcs/foo
> +not darcs add _darcs/foo

Given you're messing with isPrefixOf, I would extend this to test both
with/without --boring on all of

    _darcs _darcs/ _darcs/foo
    ./_darcs  ./_darcs/ ./_darcs/foo
    $PWD/_darcs $PWD/_darcs/ $PWD/_darcs/foo

    # and finally, something with a .. in it.
    ../${PWD##*/}/_darcs ../${PWD##*/}/_darcs/ ../${PWD##*/}/_darcs/foo

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