[darcs-users] [patch136] remove the hardcoded string "_darcs" in ... (and 1 more)

Trent W. Buck twb at cybersource.com.au
Thu Jan 14 03:12:20 UTC 2010

Petr Ročkai <bugs at darcs.net> writes:

> Daniel Dickison <bugs at darcs.net> writes:
>> If you wouldn't mind a possibly naïve question, why is it necessary to
>> special case the _darcs directory when the default boring file already
>> contains the following line?  (^|/)_darcs($|/)
> I assume this is because the boring file can be overriden. If someone
> managed to create patches referring to files under _darcs (by removing
> that _darcs entry from their boring file), I can only assume that BAD
> THINGS would happen.

That being the case, _darcs' presence in default_boring is confusing and
misleading.  It suggests that removing it might do something, and that
there is a weird circumstance where that something is useful.

I suggest simply removing _darcs from the boring list.

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