[darcs-users] Feedback on hunk splitting with Darcs 2.4 beta 1

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Tue Jan 19 01:03:51 UTC 2010

> This mail contains a proposed refinement of the UI (in patch form),
> taking some of your input into consideration.

I have reviewed this now based on the mockup Eric posted in his message.
I haven't tried out a patched darcs yet.

First, thanks to everyone for the conversation! I think something good
is going to come out of this collaboration.

>    Interactive hunk edit:\

>     - Edit the recorded state for this patch any way you like.
>     - Your modifications will be followed by 'filler patches'  <-- maybe we should
>       which you may choose to revert later on.                 <-- delete this
>     - Hint: to split a patch, just delete some of the lines you
>       added and/or copy back some of the lines you removed.
>    === BEFORE (for reference only) =========================================
>    rambling robot
>    red rover
>    === AFTER (edit below) ==================================================
>    alliterative alligator
>    amusing amoeba
>    anecdotal antelope
>    === (edit above) ========================================================

This works for me, with the second bullet point removed. I think we
ought to be able to accomplish this without needing new jargon like
"filler patch".

It's now clear to me how to split a hunk and how to edit a chunk of

The one modification I would suggest to the workflow is that the
resulting change should immediately modify my file in the working
directory, and then the record would proceed as normal. This eliminates
the remaining confusing presence of a "filler patch".

The patches displayed to me after the edit would just be the diffs that
are physically in my file, as normal.

> 2. Another good suggestion has been to introduce +/- markers.

I don't think I'd find this intuitive. I think editting a hunk should
feel exactly like editting a small portion of a file.

> 3. Another suggestion has been to provide a way for breaking a patch
> into arbitrary N pieces, for example, with SPLIT separators.  This
> makes the interface more powerful, but I think it also makes it less
> simple. 

I agree. I like the simplicity of Eric's proposed UI. It only tries to
do one simple thing: edit a single hunk of text. A hint explains how
it also easily be used to split hunks, which I think is an elegant
enough way to support that second feature.




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