[darcs-users] darcs 2.4 and hunk splitting

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Wed Jan 20 17:31:14 UTC 2010

Hi all,

I am putting out darcs 2.4 beta 2 right now, but I'm very confused about the 
question of interactive hunk editing. Should it be in darcs 2.4, and if yes, 
in what form?

If we rigidly follow the release schedule, we include the original hunk 
editing interface as it is currently in the 2.4 branch. This will probably 
make people criticize it for things that have already been fixed by the 
experimental patches by Eric and Ganesh.

We can also include the latest and greatest developments, but those could be 
unstable. That makes it not an option to me.

Finally, we can drop the hunk splitting altogether. The drawback is that we 
are withholding this feature from our users for one more release.

At this moment I tend to choose for the final option of not including hunk 
editing in the 2.4 release. If we include it with a bad interface, it is 
unlikely that we are going to make people happy with it. If we release a buggy 
darcs 2.4, we will make a lot of people very unhappy. A darcs 2.4 without hunk 
splitting seems to be the least of the three evils.

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