[darcs-users] [patch123] Name the separators in the hunk splittin... (and 1 more)

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Wed Jan 20 21:54:27 UTC 2010

Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> added the comment:

Oh, and here's the latest version...

Interactive hunk edit:
 - This edit will not affect your working copy
 - To split a block of added text, remove the part you want to postpone
 - To split a block of removed text, copy back the part you want to retain
 - Arbitrary editing is supported

======================== BEFORE (for reference) ========================
rambling robot
red rover
======================== AFTER (edit below) ============================
alliterative alligator
amusing amoeba
anecdotal antelope
======================== (edit above) ==================================

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