[darcs-users] Should the hunk editor edit files, or in-memory patches? (was: Re: [patch123] Name the separators in the hunk split...)

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Thu Jan 21 02:14:48 UTC 2010

> > It's my understanding that the edit will not affect the working copy
> > *immediately*, but will affect it if I say "yes" to the resulting
> > patch. If that's correct, clearer text might be this:
> It won't affect it at all!  (which is why editing patches leaves the
> confusing detritus that restores your working copy from the edited
> state)

OH. I thought all along I was doing the former: editting a small bit
of a file, with darcs perhaps keeping track in temporary memory of where
it should split hunks in that file.

It was said that a goal with the current implementation was to be consist with
the fact that "record" never modifies the working copy. But I didn't see what
was happening as inconsistent. In my mind, I was leaving record, opening an
editor to edit a file (or at least, part of a file), and then returning back to
an interrupted "record" operation, which would resume again just before the
changed hunk.  And My conception is not just abstract: I literally leave darcs
and enter my text editor, exit it again and return back to darcs.

I don't see that darcs has modified my files: I have. There is nothing surprising
to me about making a changes in a text editor having the changes take affect in
file on the file system. To me, this is the normal, expected behavior.

The concept of "editing a file" is already well understood, and "editting a
small piece of a file" is a natural extension of that for me, and does not
create this new and intuitive notion of "filler patches", or this abstract
experience of editting what appears a file fragment, but which is actually some
abstract structure in memory.

So I ask the rest of the user list, would you expect that "edit" during
darcs record would trigger editting a piece of a file, or would you
expect it to edit one more patches in memory?



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