[darcs-users] [patch123] Name the separators in the hunk splittin... (and 1 more)

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Thu Jan 21 09:17:50 UTC 2010

Reinier Lamers <reinier.lamers at gmail.com> writes:
> 2010/1/21 Petr Rockai <me at mornfall.net>:
>>> I don't think that "removed text" is as confusing as "added text", but I'm not
>>> sure why that is to me. It could probably likewise be "before text", but then I
>>> think "copy back" becomes confusing...

> I, too find Eric's proposal generally very clear, with "copy back"
> being the only phrase that's slightly confusing. More specifically,
> it's just the "back" actually. From where to where is that?
> I find it hard to think of a clearer formulation that would fit within
> in a single line though. Perhaps we can replace "copy back" by "add
> in", because if the AFTER state is the only thing the user is supposed
> to edit, he knows he should add it there.

One more idea about the split hint:

- To split a hunk, edit the AFTER area:
  - for hunks adding text, remove the lines that you want to postpone
  - for hunks removing text, copy the lines you want to retain from BEFORE

(works with s/lines/part/ as well)


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