[darcs-users] more hunk editing feedback (was: Re: darcs 2.4 beta 3 release)

Mark Stosberg mark at summersault.com
Wed Jan 27 19:51:00 UTC 2010

Thanks for the new release.

Like the previous ones, it compiles fine on FreeBSD

> To try out interactive hunk editing, press 'e' when you are prompted with a 
> hunk patch by 'darcs record'. You will then be shown an editor screen in which 
> you can edit the state you want to record between the last two ruler lines.

I definitely find the new UI to be an improvement over the previous
ones, but I still have serious concerns about it.

The first thing I tried to do with it was a common task: get rid of an
extra debugging line. So, I used "e", removed the line and quit the
editor. It was like nothing happened! There was no option to select a 
patch that deleted the line.

To me, the expectation of arbitrary editting includes the possibility of
deleting content.

So, I tried again and did a normal edit. I worked, but I found the
second "anti-patch" confusing, and I still managed to think my working
copy would modified in this case, since I was accepting a change and
actually recording it.

Perhaps most people expect or want the patch editing behavior. I'm sure
I could get used to it, and it's better than not having a feature like
this at all. Still, I keep expecting file-editing behavior despite
having these conversations.

Perhaps it the sort of thing that won't really be clear until a final,
public release is made and broad feedback is available. In that sense,
it may be best to release to something sooner to broad audience, than to
keep to trying to refine based on the feedback of a small group.

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