[darcs-users] ANNOUNCE: darcs-2.4.4

Jens Petersen petersen at haskell.org
Thu Jun 3 10:52:45 UTC 2010

> That is, Debian users will have empty --exact-version output.

Seems to be the same for me with the package from hackage?
Are you saying that this was fixed in darcs-2.4.4_1.tar.gz?
(Anyway, I'm not too worried, and not asking for respin:)

$ darcs --version
2.4.4 (release)
$ darcs --exact-version
darcs compiled on Jun  3 2010, at 06:51:29



With 2.4.3 I see:

$ rpm -q darcs
$ darcs --exact-version
darcs compiled on May 19 2010, at 00:37:52


[TAG 2.4.3
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