[darcs-users] [issue1371] darcs assumes -p for SSH_PORT; but putty takes -P

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Sat Jun 5 09:45:10 UTC 2010

On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 10:41:53 +0100, Eric Kow wrote:
> I've discovered and slightly an SSH notes on the wiki page I wrote
> around 2006/2007.  I've dusted off the moin-conversion cobwebs and
> linked to the resolution of an old bug.

Gah! I meant to add what looked like relevant bullet points

>   http://wiki.darcs.net/DarcsInternals/SSH#putty

# under 1.0.9rc2 - psftp (get) will continously ask you for your password and
  just die. This is because we are using stdin for batch-controlling psftp (this
  was added in 1.0.9rc2). This works fine when you are using PuTTY+pageant (no
  passwords to read), or if you are using OpenSSH (reads directly from the tty,
  not from stdin... cool!), but it breaks psftp sans pageant because it will try
  to read bits of batch file for the password

# under 1.0.9rc2 - if you patch darcs to use the -b argument instead of feeding
  the batchfile in, darcs+PuTTY (sans pageant) just hangs

# under 1.0.5 - you get the same hanging behaviour (whew! this means the
  hanging is not a regression that I introduced). No ideas yet what causes the

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