[darcs-users] Project too big for conversion from hashed to darcs-2

Vincent Zweije vincent at zweije.nl
Mon Jun 7 08:44:44 UTC 2010

I have a project with several branches, all optimize --upgrade'd to
hashed format.

Unfortunately, I'm stuck here. I'd like to convert to darcs-2, but the
branches have numerous conflicts. The standard recipe (tag branches,
merge, convert, split out into branches again) is not going to work:
the merge has been running over the weekend and shows no sign of progres.

Is there any other way to get there from here?

Tangentially related: the branches are tracked subversion
repositories. I've noticed that updates to changelog files, which are
kept in subversion in the different branches, are *always* conflicting
between branches. This is probably typical of changelog files, and an
interesting insight in itself.

At some point in the past I've taken to recording any change to a
changelog file in a separate patch, so it can be excluded when copying
patches between the darcs branches. Perhaps there's a trick to exclude
the changelog files from the conversion and so greatly reduce the number
of conflicts, making the merge manageable again?

Answering my own question: obliterate the changelog patches, convert,
and reapply them by hand afterwards? Success depends on conflicts in
the remaining patches. That's a project for another weekend.

Ciao.                                                           Vincent.
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