[darcs-users] Error message

Dan Pascu dan at ag-projects.com
Tue Jun 8 02:27:48 UTC 2010

On 6 Jun 2010, at 18:57, Eric Kow wrote:

> On Sat, Jun 05, 2010 at 03:51:12 +0300, Dan Pascu wrote:
>> That may be a problem. This is from a cron job running darcs pull
>> every 5 minutes for multiple repositories in order to bring them up
>> to date with their corresponding central repositories. These
>> repositories are read-only. Now I had darcs-1.0.9 before and I never
>> saw any issues. On 19 April 2010 I upgraded to darcs-2.4. Since
>> then, I saw various errors reported over email once in a while from
>> the cron job. Yet since the upgrade I only saw this error once, a
>> few days ago.
> OK, so we have a potential bug that's fairly difficult to reproduce.
> What concrete steps can we take here to turn this into something we
> can chew on?

Keep in mind that I do not know if the error occurred when there was  
something to pull or it was a dummy pull that did nothing because  
there were no remote changes. So we do not know if the error was  
correlated with a certain patch, or just the fact that the script  
running pull had no terminal.

> Dan: do you already have the infrastructure in place to automatically
> log the Darcs errors?

You can say so, but it's something cron does by default. If there is  
some output from the commands it is emailed to the administrator.

> I wonder if maybe setting up some relatively simple (and shareable)
> repository and having your cron-based infrastructure run on *that*
> could help us reproduce the problem.

My "cron-based infrastructure" is just a standard cron process running  
on a linux system running a script every 5 minutes, script that runs  
darcs pull on a number of repositories :)
There is nothing fancy. I suspect that all the messages I see are  
related to the fact that scripts run under cron do not have a  
terminal, but communicate using a pipe with the cron process itself.  
At least I have never seen any of those errors/warnings when running  
darcs from a terminal.


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