[darcs-users] reimplementing darcs put

Guillaume Hoffmann guillaumh at gmail.com
Tue Jun 8 12:33:28 UTC 2010

>> 1) scp-ing a tarball of the local _darcs, untarring it and
>> darcs-getting it. (darcs-reverting it would work but would leave all
>> _darcs/prefs/ files like mots, email...).
>> Seems dirty, but this is what put does: deploying a repository on a
>> remote server.
> This is what http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1066 recommends for what it's
> worth

Nice, this recommends that put would not rely on any instance of darcs
on the remote machine.
So the idea would be to do a local get, compress the whole new working
copy + _darcs, then scp the tarball to the remote machine ?

>> I'm more in favor of Option 1), especially since there is currently
>> work by Alexey on darcs optimize --http. Maybe we could use the same
>> code for darcs-getting the contents of a tarball?
>> Once we can write the following, the rest will flow:
>> $ darcs get repo_name.tar.bz2 # contains only the _darcs directory
> Not sure I understood this (but I'm in skim-and-triage mode right now,
> sorry!)

I propose to add the feature of getting from tarballs with the above
syntax. Then, getting an http-optimized repository would involve
retrieving a tarball, darcs-getting it with this new syntax, rm'ing
the tarball and then darcs-pulling the rest of the patches.
( I haven't looked at Alexey's patches yet. )

But now that I have seen http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1066 , there si
less incentive to have this new feature.


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