[darcs-users] reimplementing darcs put

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Thu Jun 10 06:09:19 UTC 2010

Op dinsdag 08 juni 2010 14:33 schreef Guillaume Hoffmann:
> >> Maybe we could use the same
> >> code for darcs-getting the contents of a tarball?
> >> Once we can write the following, the rest will flow:
> >>
> >> $ darcs get repo_name.tar.bz2 # contains only the _darcs directory
> >
> > Not sure I understood this (but I'm in skim-and-triage mode right now,
> > sorry!)
> I propose to add the feature of getting from tarballs with the above
> syntax. Then, getting an http-optimized repository would involve
> retrieving a tarball, darcs-getting it with this new syntax, rm'ing
> the tarball and then darcs-pulling the rest of the patches.
> ( I haven't looked at Alexey's patches yet. )

The idea of darcs scripting itself (doing a "darcs get" and a "darcs pull" 
from a "darcs get") sounds a bit weird. Still, if it fixes a problem, there 
does not seem to be so much wrong with it. And we don't actually have to start 
new processes of course, we can also do gets and pulls by just calling the 
functions in Darcs.Commands.

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