[darcs-users] darcs 2.5 release schedule

Reinier Lamers tux_rocker at reinier.de
Sun Jun 13 15:26:07 UTC 2010

Hi all,

It is getting time again to announce a release schedule, this time for the 
darcs 2.5 major release. 

More or less following existing practice and the guidelines on
http://wiki.darcs.net/Development/MaintainerTips, we will have a two-week
soft freeze, followed by a two week deep freeze, followed by the release.

The start of the soft freeze (day N) will be Thursday July 8th.
On Sunday July 11th          (N+3),  beta 1 is tagged and released
On Thursday July 22th        (N+14), the release branch is deep
On Sunday July 25th          (N+17), beta 2 is tagged and relased
On Sunday August 1st         (N+24), rc1 is taggd and released
On Saturday August 7th       (N+30), rc2 or final is tagged and released

During the soft freeze, only fixes for serious issues and patches achieving
release targets will be pulled to the release branch. The end of the release 
cycle is uncertain: when new bugs are found in a release candidate, there will 
be another RC a week later. Only when bugs are not found in a release 
candidate for a week, it will be tagged and released as darcs 2.5.

This release cycle runs two weeks later in the year than the 2.3 release cycle 
last year. This is because your release manager is going to visit a rock 
festival [1] in the weekend of 16/17 July and this way, I won't have to do 
anything that weekend.

What's new this cycle is that I expect reviewers of patches intended for darcs 
2.5 to push the patches to the release branch as well as the HEAD branch. If 
the patches don't apply due to conflicts, the reviewer should delegate the 
patch back to the submitter. He should also adjust the status of the issue and 
the patch accordingly, to 'in-progress' and 'amend-in-progress' respectively. 
This should relieve the release manager from the burden of resolving conflicts 
with the release branch himself.

Reinier (the 2.5 release manager)

[1]: For the last time in his life presumably, after reading and seeing 
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