[darcs-users] [patch277] Resolve issue 1176: caches interfere with --remote-rep...

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Tue Jun 15 10:40:19 UTC 2010

On Mon, Jun 14, 2010 at 21:24:55 -0500, Adolfo Builes wrote:
> I realized I don't need to add "[ toCache r | RemoteRepo r <- opts]" since
> that would be a contradiction  to what the manual says
>   On the other hand, if any other repositories are supplied as command line
> > arguments, this flag will be ignored (and the default repository may be
> > overwritten).

That sounds right, but then how are you handling the issue1176 case,
where I supply --remote-repo and no explicit arguments?

> So actually to solved this problem is just question of having the sources
> sorted as discussed: local < http < ssh.

That does not sound like the whole picture.  So right now, the problem
is that the defaultrepo is in the sources, but the remote repo is not.
How should we deal with that?

> And about the trivia I just dig in changes and ended up in Neil Mitchell's
> blog, I see now the need  for --remote-repo ;).

:-)  I should have mentioned it

> I think the main point here is the fact that  explicitly passed rewrite you
> default-repo and you don't want that to happen when the repo you are pulling
> from is just  a mean to avoid firewalls, certainly we all have had that bad
> experience of ssh port blocked, than happens in my university as well :S.

Not sure I understand.  It wasn't just a means to avoid firewalls for
what it's worth. It's also about not having to type in your password (or
maybe use a slower ssh connection) when all you want to do is darcs



PS. In plain-text mode in mutt, your quoting structure seems a little
    weird, because the first line of what you're quoting is not quoted
    (which makes your messages slightly harder to read).

    I suspect it's something related to the gmail web interface, but I'm
    not sure :-/

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