[darcs-users] milestones on issue tracker (plus a bit of roundup)

Eric Y. Kow kowey at darcs.net
Tue Jun 15 22:22:06 UTC 2010

Hi Reinier,

Thanks to some friendly documentation by Simon Michael
<http://wiki.darcs.net/BugTracker/Automation> I was able to transition
all the Target-X.Y topics to the new equivalent milestone-X.Y.

I've now retired the keywords, so you should use the milestones instead.
Note that as time goes on and the list of milestones becomes unwieldy to
use, you should nag me to modify the templates so that only more recent
milestones are displayed.

I think it may be useful to other Darcs hackers to see concretely how to
do this sort of work happens, in case you find yourself needing to make
some (cautious!) changes in the future.  See below.



PS. I've also cut the 2.5 branch early so that I can experiment with the
    new infrastructure I promised.  It now sets the resolvedin field to
    2.5.0 when you push to that branch.

Making lots of changes with Roundup
I had two tabs open, one to the easy roundup shell UI
(roundup-admin -i /var/lib/trackers/roundup/darcs) and
one to Python REPL plus Simon's helper functions
(cd /var/lib/trackers/roundup/darcs)

In the easy roundup-admin UI, I issued:

  roundup> list keyword
  27: HTTP
  28: ThePendingPatch
   6: ProbablyEasy
  31: Target-2.3
  26: Target-2.1

  roundup> list milestone
   3: 2.6.0
   4: 3.0.0
   2: 2.5.0 (current)
   1: 2.4.x
   5: 2.0.x

In the Python REPL, I wrote a helper function:

>>> def set_milestone(k,m):
>>> ...   issues = [ db.issue.getnode(id) for id in db.issue.find(topic=k) ]
>>> ...   for i in issues:
>>> ...     print "issue%s: %s" % (i.id,i.title)
>>> ...     i.milestone = m
>>> ...     t = i.topic
>>> ...     t.remove(k)
>>> ...     i.topic = t

And then I ran it on the milestone/keyword pairs that were interesting to me

>>> set_milestone('24','5')
>>> set_milestone('38','2')

And committed the results to the database

>>> db.commit()

I then retired the relevant keywords in the roundup-admin UI

  roundup> retire keyword26
  roundup> retire keyword38
  roundup> commit

It's quite handy that we have three ways to deal with roundup: web UI
for ease/convenience, Python for power, shell UI for a little of both.

Eric Kow <http://www.nltg.brighton.ac.uk/home/Eric.Kow>
PGP Key ID: 08AC04F9
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