[darcs-users] [patch284] Failing test for issue1877: pull --xml-output should n...

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Mon Jun 21 17:18:03 UTC 2010

It's always a big help when users contribute with test cases.
Thanks Lele!

This is on its way to being applied.

Failing test for issue1877: pull --xml-output should not emit any verbosity
> +# This does the right thing... at least until the second command is executed
> +not darcs pull --dry-run --xml-output 2>&1 ../R | grep "Would pull"
> +
> +# This does not, never
> +not darcs pull --summary --dry-run --xml-output 2>&1 ../R | grep "Would pull"
> +
> +# From now on, this fails too!
> +not darcs pull --dry-run --xml-output 2>&1 ../R | grep "Would pull"

As I mentioned on IRC, this is perhaps due to the defaultrepo being set.

I'll bet this is actually something you could help us fix, but I've
requested that Florent have a look in the meantime.  Hopefully in the
long term, we'll think of a good way to keep XML output intact, maybe
by printing log messages with the hiddenPrinter, or developing some
sort of logical log printer.

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