[darcs-users] [issue1176] caches interfere with --remote-repo flag

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Thu Jun 24 19:22:29 UTC 2010

Adolfo Builes <builes.adolfo at googlemail.com> writes:
> The idea is that "everything" in the cache is tried before trying the repos
> given with the command, that's now modified, since it checks if any of the
> given repos is local and is added to the cache (not the remote ones). Now to do
> what you proposed I should add all the given repos to the cache, and them
> separate them in groups ( locals, remotes without authentication, remotes with
> authentication ), so now we have all the possible repos from which we could
> pull in the cache, and it seems to be breaking the idea behind it :(.

I don't follow -- what idea behind it? And what "it" exactly? Do you
mean "sources" as opposed to "cache" here? We always stuff everything we
can into "sources" for a good measure. We just need to use that
information intelligently later... that's what all the sorting is about.

Btw., we may need a way to mark sources as "problematic". I mean things
like unresolvable hostnames or unreachable addresses, or even
nonexistent directories: these should all be sorted last in their
respective groups. So we would have:

local caches
local repositories
local bad caches & repositories
remote unauth repositories
remote bad unauth repositories
remote auth repositories
remote auth bad repositories

Probably triggering a WARNING whenever we reach a "bad" cache or
repository (which is still actually bad -- if it works again, it needs
to be restored). This is probably not completely trivial to achieve and
has some interesting strings attached to it (like backward compatibility
of the sources file...).

Please have a think about this when you have a while.


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