[darcs-users] wiki outage, update process

Simon Michael simon at joyful.com
Fri Oct 1 17:34:34 UTC 2010

I sent some wiki patches, which showed up here (after moderator approval, I think). It looks like this mechanism will be 
too noisy for regular use (wiki editors work in bursts). At the least, we'd want to tag these patches with [wiki] or 

Or, we could restrict wiki updating to 1. push and 2. through-the-web edits. But it's probably nice to keep send as an 
option, since through-the-web is tedious for heavy editing, and general push access may be a problem. (Or not ?)

Notifications are also an issue. The darcswikibot is not currently announcing edits on #darcs. Wiki edits should show up 
*somewhere*, for the same reason code updates do (review, awareness, motivation). I guess I'd vote to cc them to the 
-devel list for now.

Also: the patches have been applied (I figured out how to push), but now the wiki is down. I hope it's unrelated. Could 
someone with access please start it up, or assist me to do that.


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