[darcs-users] Apply failed

Benjamin Franksen ben.franksen at online.de
Tue Oct 19 16:59:10 UTC 2010

Benjamin Franksen wrote:
> Sittampalam, Ganesh wrote:
>> Benjamin Franksen wrote:
>>> Benjamin Franksen wrote:
>>>> I already reported this for beta-3 (Message-ID:
>>>> <i4j4pt$etj$1 at dough.gmane.org>). The same happens with beta-4:
>>>>> darcs push
>>>> Pushing to "/srv/csr/repositories/controls/darcs/epics/ioc/MLS-
>>>> Controls/base-3-14"... Mon Aug 23 10:51:18 CEST 2010
>>>>   benjamin.franksen at bessy.de * removed repeated and obsolete lines
>>>> in req file (EnergyRampApp) Shall I push this patch? (1/2)
>>>> [ynW...], or ? for more options: y Mon Aug 23 15:24:10 CEST 2010
>>>>   benjamin.franksen at bessy.de * added kickers to energy ramp
>>>> (EnergyRampApp) Shall I push this patch? (2/2)  [ynW...], or ? for
>>>> more options: d
>>>> darcs: <stdin>: hIsTerminalDevice: illegal operation (handle is
>>>> closed) Apply failed!
>>>> This is from a fresh copy of the repo ('darcs get' from the shared
>>>> repo
>> /srv/csr/repositories/controls/darcs/epics/ioc/MLS-Controls/base-3-14,
>>>> then pulled in the two new patches).
>>>> Strangely, I get the same error now if I use darcs-2.4.4!
>>> I tried with the latest beta and it happened again.
>>> I think this bug should be resolved in darcs-2.5.
>>> I think I have a fix, but I would rather like to test this with the
>>> 2.5 release branch, instead of the mainline repo. However, I cannot
>>> find this repo on the wiki.
>> http://darcs.net/releases/branch-2.5/
>> I've just added a note to http://wiki.darcs.net/Development/FAQ
>> Thanks for the testing and the hoped-for fix! Is there a bugtracker bug
>> for your problem?
> Not yet. I originally thought this were be a stupid mistake on my part and
> waited for a comment. Nobody answered and I forgot the whole thing.
> BTW, I found out why the problem did not disappear if I use darcs-2.4.4:
> the reason is that darcs-beta was still at the front of my PATH, and it
> seems that when I push, darcs calls itself, but not with argv[0], but
> instead with whatever it finds in the PATH. At least it looks like this,
> because it *does* work if I remove ~/cabal/bin from my PATH. So, if I am
> right with my diagnosis, this should be fixed, too. I hope I can find this
> in the code.
> I will create tickets and try to fix this.

This is most mysterious. I removed all occurrences of hIsTerminalDevice from 
the darcs code base and still I get the same error.

So I must conclude that the problem is in some external library. I already 
checked hashed-storage but it's not used in there.

Any ideas where to look next?

BTW this error happens only if the remote repo is NFS mounted and large 
enough (or containing large binaries) so that applying takes a few seconds.


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