[darcs-users] import from CVS, preserving tags?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Mon Sep 6 12:48:10 UTC 2010

Is there anything that will reliably import from CVS while properly
preserving the tags?  So far I've tried tailor and darcs-fast-import.

Tailor (once I fixed a bug with empty log messages) only transfers a few
tags, presumably because of
http://progetti.arstecnica.it/tailor/ticket/26.  (I also tried to import
from a cvs2svn version of the repo with tailor, but that failed.)

I tried using cvs2git+darcs-fast-import, but then the tags from CVS are
completely ignored.  I think that's a question of fixing
darcs-fast-import to do something similar to the hg version, but it
looks as if it will take non-trivial time to understand.

Presumably I can do the job by re-importing in stages up to each tag and
then adding the tag with darcs, if necessary, but I'm surprised if there
isn't anything around that will just do the import properly.

Thanks for any suggestions.

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