[darcs-users] import from CVS, preserving tags?

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Sep 7 11:33:46 UTC 2010

[Posting in case anyone else is trying the build.]

Petr Rockai <me at mornfall.net> writes:

> It's the current beta version of darcs, i.e. what will become 2.5.

I assume that means the normal darcs repo, but I can't get the thing to
build with that.  After pulling from darcs.net, getting the right
fastconvert patches, and then cabal installing with darcs and
fastconvert I get

  Building darcs-fastconvert-0.1...
  [2 of 3] Compiling Import           ( Import.hs, dist/build/darcs-fastconvert/darcs-fastconvert-tmp/Import.o )
  Import.hs:33:32: Module `Darcs.Patch' does not export `RealPatch'
>> [I may regret trying to use darcs on a nine-year old, >200MB CVS repo,
>> especially as it blows up the storage requirements so much...]
> Hopefully not! : - ) In case you do, we (I) may be interested in having
> that repo (post-conversion) as a benchmarking example.

Does going from 216M of CVS to 1.7G of darcs (via tailor, after darcs
optimize) count, or is that expected?

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