[darcs-users] darcs weekly news #72

Guillaume Hoffmann guillaumh at gmail.com
Mon Sep 13 12:40:58 UTC 2010

News and discussions
1. Darcs 2.5 beta 5 was released:

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025215.html

2. Eric put online a series of videos (~1h) explaining the sate of darcs in
   2010 (adapted from his recent talk in AngloHaskell 2010):

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025266.html
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025270.html

3. Petr released darcs-fastconvert, a tool that helps converting darcs
   and git repositories in both directions:

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025251.html

4. Jason asked for feedback about his proposition for darcs to uniquely
   identify the state of a repository by a hash:

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025198.html

4. Petr kicked off his ``adventure'' branch, a long-lived public branch of
   darcs he will use to make disruptive changes in the codebase:

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-August/025048.html
   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-August/025105.html

5. Ganesh proposed to used a ``submitted'' public branch to help developers
   share they work and deal with the reviewing process more smoothly:

   * http://lists.osuosl.org/pipermail/darcs-users/2010-September/025271.html

Issues resolved in the last 3 weeks (2)
issue1884 Alexey Levan
 * correct report about getting lazy repository
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1884

issue1942 Petr Rockai
 * Fix an IO interleaving bug in old-fashioned readRepo.
 * http://bugs.darcs.net/issue1942

Patches applied in the last 3 weeks (140)
2010-09-13 Eric Kow
 - Mark ssh test as skipped if REMOTE is not set.
 - Move external and ssh tests to network directory.

2010-08-29 Petr Rockai
 - Make the tests a bit less verbose (do not print all of lib every time).
 - Set a $format variable in lib, depending on current repo format under test.

2010-09-08 Eric Kow
 - Accept issue1951: add outside of current repository.

2010-09-03 Petr Rockai
 - Resolve yet another darcs.cabal conflict.

2010-08-28 Ganesh Sittampalam
 - drop unnecessary import
 - move Darcs.Patch.Properties to Darcs.Test.Patch.Properties
 - break up Darcs.Patch.Patchy and make Darcs.Patch.Named more self-contained
 - drop unnecessary import
 - drop unnecessary superclass
 - fix warning in Darcs.Test.Email
 - fix warning in Darcs.Test.Patch.Info
 - drop unnecessary constraint
 - remove commented out imports
 - remove unnecessary pragmas from Darcs.Patch.Match
 - remove unused import

2010-09-07 Eric Kow
 - Fix misleading configuration documentation.

2010-09-05 Reinier Lamers
 - TAG
 - Bump version number to

2010-08-30 Eric Kow
 - Clean up trackdown --bisect documentation.

2010-09-01 Iago Abal
 - remove --index option from matchOneNontag because issue1926

2010-09-04 Petr Rockai
 - Resolve issue1942: Fix an IO interleaving bug in old-fashioned readRepo.

2010-08-25 Dmitry Astapov
 - Accept issue1932: darcs add -qr . should not fail on filenames with ':'

2010-09-04 Eric Kow
 - Document Darcs.Patch.Info.makeFilename.

2010-09-03 Ganesh Sittampalam
 - add some haddock to Darcs.Witnesses.Eq
 - drop unused concatReverseFL
 - drop unused headRL
 - drop unsafeMap_l2f
 - drop unused filterE/Proof

2010-09-03 Alexey Levan
 - Resolve issue1884: correct report about getting lazy repository
 - Redefine Darcs.Commands.putInfo in Darcs.Repository

2010-09-03 Eric Kow
 - Remove now-superfluous cleanup step from EXAMPLE.sh

2010-09-02 Petr Rockai
 - Use lib in tests/issue257.sh.
 - Remove the now-defunct Distribution directory.
 - Add a tarball of a small oldfashioned repository for testing purposes.
 - Update haddock.
 - Use more meaningful names for seal_up_patches' parameters.
 - Wibble path building in Repository.Prefs.

2010-09-02 Eric Kow
 - Document cultural reference in Darcs.Witnesses.WZipper.
 - Jot down a few more tips about testing.
 - Add MIT boilerplate to all public domain scripts.
 - Update issue1503 network test for new harness.

2010-09-02 Petr Rockai
 - Propagate the exit code of darcs-test to exit code of cabal test.
 - Allow "output=plain" to be passed to cabal test.

2010-09-02 Eric Kow
 - Suppress check for darcs-test in Setup.
 - More portable executable names in Setup.
 - Update cabal file for new test-support paths.
 - Fix conflicts between darcs-test enabling and other cabal patches.

2010-08-29 Petr Rockai
 - Drop the "test" cabal flag and build darcs-test unconditionally.
 - Fix a bug in cabal test argument parsing.
 - Make it possible to pass "threads=N" to cabal test.

2010-09-02 Eric Kow
 - Replace some developer links with a wiki page.
 - Nicer patch counting mechanism for buildbot-try.
 - Use unified diff for copying unrecorded changes in buildbot-try.
 - Wrap buildbot-try with ssh-agent.

2010-09-02 Jason Dagit
 - URL.hs: fix a typo in import list

2010-08-25 Dmitry Astapov
 - Fix for issue1932

2010-08-29 Petr Rockai
 - Bump shellish dependency to >= 0.1.1, to avoid the infinite loop in
rm_rf problem.
 - Flip "cabal test" over to use darcs-test to run the shell tests.
 - Add a --network option to darcs-test to run the network shell tests.
 - Couple of improvements in the new shell test runner.
 - Implement a test-framework-based shell harness.

2010-08-22 Guillaume Hoffmann
 - send prints remote address right away

2010-08-12 Eric Kow
 - Use long titles for more stable URLs in user manual.

2010-08-22 Jason Dagit
 - Changes.lhs: remove extra (and weird) case
 - TheComands.hs: fix prelude import

2010-08-28 Eric Kow
 - Fix conflict between base and hashed-storage deps.
 - Remove PatternSignatures as we currently require GHC 6.10 and up.
 - Document GHC 6.10 dependency.
 - Raise base package dependency to >= 4 (keeping it < 5).

2010-08-24 Petr Rockai
 - Relax the hashed-storage dependency (to >= 0.5.2 && < 0.6).

2010-08-27 Ganesh Sittampalam
 - add missing V2.hs
 - move some Patchy instances into a separate file
 - don't export Patch/RealPatch from Darcs.Patch
 - split up the Commute class
 - get rid of unnecessary superclass
 - drop some exports from Darcs.Patch
 - break Patch-specific bits of Show and Viewing out into V1
 - get rid of apparently unnecessary instance dependency
 - move v1 Patch applying into separate module
 - move v1 Patch reading into separate module
 - Darcs.Patch.Core now just contains Named
 - move Named instances out of V1.Commute
 - move Darcs.Patch.Commute into V1 namespace
 - move RealPatch into its own namespace
 - remove unused re-export
 - start on moving v1 patch code into its own namespace
 - fix warnings in Darcs.SelectChanges
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Commands.Apply
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Witnesses.Ordered
 - fix warning in Darcs.Repository.Repair
 - fix warning in Darcs.Patch.Depends
 - fix warning in Darcs.Patch.Choices
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Commands.Send
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Commands.Record
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Commands.Push
 - fix warnings in Darcs.Commands.Pull
 - fix warnings in tests

2010-08-25 Jason Dagit
 - Depends.hs: add back catch all case to silence warning

2010-08-26 Eric Kow
 - Fix issue1926 headers.

2010-08-20 Iago Abal
 - Accept issue1926: amend-record ignores --index option.

2010-08-26 Eric Kow
 - Avoid cascading permissions error in issue612 test.

2010-08-25 Jason Dagit
 - fix unit test imports
 - clean up Witnesses imports across codebase
 - ArgumentDefaults.lhs: fix warnings
 - Commands/Put.lhs: fix warnings
 - Commands/Pull.lhs: fix warnings
 - Commands/Unrevert.lhs: remove redundant imports
 - Commands/Unrecord.lhs: fix warnings
 - Commands/Send.lhs: remove redundant imports
 - Commands/Record.lhs: remove redundant imports
 - Commands/Apply.lhs: fix warnings
 - SelectChanges.hs: fix warnings
 - Annotate.lhs: remove redundant imports
 - Population.hs: remove redundant imports
 - ShowFiles.lhs: rename shadowed binding
 - Get.lhs: remove redundant import
 - Commands/Diff.lhs: remove redundant import
 - Match.lhs: remove redundant imports
 - WhatsNew.lhs: fix warnings
 - HashedRepo.hs: clean up imports to fix warnings
 - splitout parts of Darcs.Witnesses into new modules
 - TrackDown.lhs: fix warnings
 - ShowAuthors.lhs: remove redundant import
 - MarkConflicts.hs: rename shadowed binding
 - Convert.lhs: remove redundant import
 - Repository.hs: remove unused binding
 - Merge.hs: remove redundant import
 - Checkpoint.hs: remove redundant imports
 - Internal.hs: remove warnings
 - Info.hs: remove redundant imports
 - URL.hs: fix warning about conditional import of debugFail
 - Diff.hs: remove unused bindings
 - ReadMonads.hs: remove unused lexStrings
 - Global.hs: remove import to fix warning
 - move dropWhileFL to Ordered.hs
 - move dropWhileRL to Ordered.hs

2010-08-25 Eric Kow
 - Accept issue1931: Fix issue612 test and mark it as failing.
 - Modernise issue612 test (use exit 200 to skip).

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