[darcs-users] annotate output

Dave Love d.love at liverpool.ac.uk
Tue Sep 14 09:52:17 UTC 2010

Petr Rockai <me at mornfall.net> writes:

> Human readable
> --------------


>   marlowsd at gmail.com   #9 | Synopsis:       Library for manipulating FilePaths in a cross platform way.
>       igloo at earth.li  #10 | cabal-version:  >=1.6
>       igloo at earth.li  #11 | Extra-Source-Files: System/FilePath/Internal.hs
>       igloo at earth.li   #6 |
>                           | Library
>                           |     Exposed-modules:

I think the annotations should be on each line because it makes it a bit
easier to process and it helps for reading the output when you've paged
ahead, if the output hasn't been post-processed.  I think there should
be an option to use the date too (maybe author and/or date), as you may
be more interested in the history than the authorship, and it would
make, say, Emacs VC mode easier.

I'd want to make sure it's reliably distinguishable from the current
format, and know the rules to be able to determine the end of the tag
reliably -- I assume it's fixed-width and that `|' can't appear in it.

>                           |
> Machine readable
> ----------------
> 14:49:11 | morn at twi:~/dev/haskell/filepath -> darcs-ADV annotate --machine filepath.cabal 
> 20070401142502-b47d3-741d8cb0c9aa440d8cc603014e1c32ab1b96148a.gz | Name:           filepath 

I wouldn't use that in the Emacs mode since it would mean getting the
changes separately with darcs in order to put help-echo/hyperlink
properties on the tag.  (Currently the buffer displays the timestamp
before each line and has help-echo text which provides the author and
patch name, but no hyperlink; I wasn't sure whether to link to the
source or the change log.)

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