[darcs-users] history of darcs features/bugs

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Wed Sep 15 20:53:47 UTC 2010


As part of a quest to remove cruft from Darcs.Patch, I'm trying to track 
down what versions of darcs had the following features or bugs.

I will do a proper trawl through the issue history, mailing list and darcs 
annotate as soon as I have time, but in the meantime if anyone can point 
me at useful information quickly, that would be much appreciated.



(1) "Split" patches. These are represented by the Split constructor for 
Prim, and in the concrete syntax for patches by '(' ')' around a list of 
primitive patches. These are never created by darcs now, though existing 
ones in patch files might be preserved, and 'darcs convert' removes them 
while converting to darcs 2

(2) The sequence "move a b ; ... ; add b" in a single patch (should be 
"add b"). 'darcs convert' seems to try to fix this while converting to 
darcs 2, except the way the code is right now it doesn't actually do so.

(3) A patch that removes a file without first emptying it. 'darcs repair' 
fixes this via applyAndTryToFix, by inserting a 'binary' change 
to empty the file, and tests/repair-corrupt tests for it.

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