[darcs-users] [patch164] Resolve issue182: hidden darcs status alias for darcs ...

Simon Michael bugs at darcs.net
Wed Sep 15 21:08:15 UTC 2010

Simon Michael <simon at joyful.com> added the comment:

On 9/14/10 1:05 PM, Eric Kow wrote:
> Mind reviewing this, Florent?  I got stuck trying to implement a little
> (darcs whatsnew -s) notification, which just keeps getting chewed up by
> round tuit shortage... also it's a suggestion that should really be made
> separately with its own thinking.  I think we should just get this
> "darcs status" thing unstuck

I'm one of those "no gratuitous aliases!" types, or at least "let's have a policy, and document them".

Pro: "status" looks like it would smooth the way for a lot of new/infrequent darcs users. And it's consistent with the 
current de facto policy since we already have these hidden aliases: unadd, rm, mv, commit, resolve, log, list, query, 
transferMode, unpull, clone, gzcrcs.

Con: you don't want to have to maintain docs/tests/examples covering both commands. There'd be a chance that "whatsnew" 
gets diluted or deprecated at some point down the road.

The code changes look simple and good.

So I guess I'm a +0.9 for this one.

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