[darcs-users] core team heads-up! please use the 'screened' branch

Eric Kow kowey at darcs.net
Fri Sep 17 07:52:17 UTC 2010

On Thu, Sep 16, 2010 at 19:17:27 +0200, Joachim Breitner wrote:
> should be possible. I am a bit uneasy about race conditions (e.g. a
> patch is pushed to screened and also to darcs.net/ between two
> darcswatch runs). Can status updates to roundup be conditional, i.e. a
> mail saying „if the patch has status needs-screening, set it to
> needs-review, otherwise do nothing“?

I'm not sure, but I think what we'd have to do is to write what roundup
calls an auditor (which is a like a detector, only it acts as a prehook
rather than a posthook).

We actually also could use something like this for the resolved-in
setting, because our roundup-darcs integration script will say something
like "This issue has been resolved in Darcs 2.8 HEAD" without noticing
that somebody had already marked it resolved-in Darcs 2.5 CURRENT
first.  So there needs to be an auditor that says "if the actor is a bot
and the current resolved-in is earlier than than the proposed one, don't
change the resolved-in field".

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