[darcs-users] [patch401] More visible old-fashioned to hashed notice.

Eric Kow bugs at darcs.net
Mon Sep 20 12:50:24 UTC 2010

New submission from Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>:

1 patch for repository http://darcs.net/releases/branch-2.5:

The context of this change is that old-fashioned repositories are on their way
out after Darcs 2.5.

As part of our deprecation homework, we should try to make sure the transition
happens smoothly, for example, by ensuring that as many repositories as
possible are upgraded before Darcs 2.8 is released.

The proposed banner looks like this:

  _______   Sorry for the wait! The repository you are fetching is using the   
 |       |  DEPRECATED 'old-fashioned' format. I'm fetching it as a hashed     
 | O   O |  repository instead, but this may take a while.                     
 |  ___  |                                                                     
 | /   \ |  It would be ideal if the repository maintainer could upgrade the  
 |_______|  remote copy as well. The hashed format requires a Darcs 2 client,  
            but is otherwise compatible with existing old-fashioned branches.  
            Upgrading is easy with Darcs 2.4 and higher:                       
             example.com $ cd repo-name                                        
             example.com $ darcs optimize --upgrade                            

I imagine this could use some more thought. I had quite a few false starts
at http://hpaste.org/30232/more_forceful_upgrade_notice (with #darcs being
helpful to fix a lot of mis-thinking)

Elements in play:

* Big frowny face: Three ideas here: emotional feedback (old-fashioned
  makes Darcs sad), apologeticness (Sorry for the wait), and mostly
  high-visibility (a face might jump out at you more than yet another
  banner, so to be used sparingly)

* Using users to get at repository maintainers: a past version of this
  plus drafts, basically asked you to get repository maintainers to do the
  upgrade (since you can't do it yourself).  But this isn't necessarily
  easy, so I've made the language a lot softer.

* Slight sell: upgrading is backwards-compatible and easy.  I tried to
  qualify the backwards-compatible a bit

* Upgrade example: I thought maybe concretely showing you not just the
  command to run, but how you would actually run them could more sucessfully
  convey not just how to do it (err, do I optimize --upgrade foo, or do I
  cd foo; optimize --upgrade?), but also that it's easy (one command).
  Sort of show rather than tell.

So it's just about maximising effectiveness in getting people to switch, and
preparing the ground so it will be relatively painless when we finally withdraw
old-fashioned, while hopefully not insulting/annoying users in the process...

Worth a shot?  :-/

Mon Sep 20 13:33:03 BST 2010  Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net>
  * More visible old-fashioned to hashed notice.
  This also talks about old-fashioned as being deprecated.

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