[darcs-users] [patch401] More visible old-fashioned to hashed notice.

Petr Rockai me at mornfall.net
Mon Sep 20 13:05:29 UTC 2010

Eric Kow <bugs at darcs.net> writes:
> *******************************************************************************
>   _______   Sorry for the wait! The repository you are fetching is using the   
>  |       |  DEPRECATED 'old-fashioned' format. I'm fetching it as a hashed     
>  | O   O |  repository instead, but this may take a while.                     
>  |  ___  |                                                                     
>  | /   \ |  It would be ideal if the repository maintainer could upgrade the  
>  |_______|  remote copy as well. The hashed format requires a Darcs 2 client,  
>             but is otherwise compatible with existing old-fashioned branches.  
>             Upgrading is easy with Darcs 2.4 and higher:                       
>              example.com $ cd repo-name                                        
>              example.com $ darcs optimize --upgrade                            
> *******************************************************************************

Can we shorten it slightly? It is quite huge... E.g. you could probably
roll the cd repo-name into darcs optimize --upgrade --repo ... Other
than that, it's certainly an improvement. Maybe "fetching it as" could
say converting.

> * Big frowny face: Three ideas here: emotional feedback (old-fashioned
>   makes Darcs sad), apologeticness (Sorry for the wait), and mostly
>   high-visibility (a face might jump out at you more than yet another
>   banner, so to be used sparingly)


> So it's just about maximising effectiveness in getting people to switch, and
> preparing the ground so it will be relatively painless when we finally withdraw
> old-fashioned, while hopefully not insulting/annoying users in the process...
> Worth a shot?  :-/

Definitely, IMHO.


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