[darcs-users] [patch402] include old text in conflict marks

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Tue Sep 21 19:48:22 UTC 2010

On Tue, 21 Sep 2010, Eric Kow wrote:

> On Mon, Sep 20, 2010 at 20:25:25 +0000, Ganesh Sittampalam wrote:
>> Here's a patch to add the old text to conflict marking,
>> as discussed on the mailing list.
> How does this behave when you have nested or other fancy conflicts?

There are two cases here:

(1) Nested conflicts where all the conflicting changes are recorded. Then 
you previously just got one set of conflict markers, often with more than 
two "result" choices. That continues to be the case; this patch just adds 
the "old" version at the top like with the simple case.

(2) A conflict where there were already unrecorded conflict markers. Here 
you previously ended up with nested sets of conflict markers that were 
typically completely unusable. I imagine that's still the case, though now 
that the old text is an explicit part of the conflict markers, and the 
unrecorded change is precisely against the old text, it might make for 
more predictable results. Still likely to be useless though!

I don't have any specific experience of (2), I could test it out if you 
think it's important.


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