[darcs-users] [patch401] More visible old-fashioned to hashed notice.

Isaac Dupree ml at isaac.cedarswampstudios.org
Tue Sep 28 04:06:25 UTC 2010

The ignorant-reader-treatment:

On 09/22/10 06:03, Eric Kow wrote:
> ...because the next major Darcs release (June 2011)
>              will not be able to read old-fashioned repositories.


>              Upgrading is easy with Darcs 2.4 and higher:

makes me wonder whether darcs 2.8 will be able to upgrade old-fashioned 
repositories if (as suggested by the first bit) it cannot even read 
them; whereas the second bit suggests that all foreseen releases (the 
June 2011 one being foreseen because it's mentioned) will be able to do 
the upgrade (otherwise it would say "is easy with Darcs 2.4 or 2.5").

...I looked around & I think the plan is to support 'darcs optimize 
--upgrade' and no other operations on old-fashioned repos, in 2.8?  Then 
I can't see an obvious change to the wording...it really is a seeming 
contradiction (it's for partly political reasons that we're only 
supporting upgrade, not get, for example -- Explaining that isn't useful 
enough to add a sentence to the message though.).

~~~ Also I wonder--a bit off topic (should I have started or replied-to 
another thread?)-- Darcs 2.0 thru 2.5 can convert a repo from hashed to 
old-fashioned, at least using 'get'-- Will 2.8 drop this ability 
completely? Or can there be an optimize --downgrade?  (In order to make 
people less nervous about upgrading, if they know it won't be too 
annoying to go back later, where "annoying" = having to use a 2.0..2.5 


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