[darcs-users] splitting darcs-users

Stephen J. Turnbull stephen at xemacs.org
Wed Sep 29 00:52:58 UTC 2010

Simon Michael writes:
 > Gah.. stay, thunderbird, stay!

Heh.  That proggie hasn't mastered "sit" yet.

 > On 9/28/10 2:51 AM, Eric Kow wrote:
 > > A. move patch-related traffic to darcs-devel
 > > B. traditional devel/user split
 > Thanks for the proposal Eric. You didn't propose, but there's also:
 > C. move all to one single list

Note that Mailman has a feature called "topics" which is perfectly
suited for this.  Much of the patch-related traffic is autogenerated
(including replies which automatically copy the subject), and the key
for a topic is something in the subject (I think it's the usual
"[TOPIC]" format).  Then users only subscribe to one list, and from
the user page in Mailman they can choose which topics to receive.  By
default they receive all.

Of course there is a "no topic" topic for general traffic and people
who are new to the list.

Other than [patch] (ie, "patch review process"), an [issue] topic
might be useful if tracker traffic is going to continue to be cc'ed to
a (in this proposal, "the") mailing list.  I guess you could also have
a [help] topic for users who want to flag that they have a usage
problem that they're pretty sure isn't a bug, but they don't know how
to handle yet.

If somebody wants to move a technical patch review or issue discussion
to a more general "where do you want to go today?" kind of thread,
they just remove the topic marker from the Subject.

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