[darcs-users] new feature proposal: interactively select remote repo

Rob Moss rob.rgm at gmail.com
Tue Apr 5 17:29:44 UTC 2011

I would love to see this included in the future. I maintain master
repositories on a PC in my home and I use my laptop at home, at work
and overseas. In each of these locations (home, work and overseas) the
same master repository will have a difference URL. It gets tedious
switching between them and remembering which one is currently the

I'm sorry I can't a skeptic here.


On 5 April 2011 18:08, Eric Kow <kowey at darcs.net> wrote:
> This is an "Eric procrastinates" post, not to be taken too seriously.
> On Tue, Apr 05, 2011 at 15:26:06 +0100, Ganesh Sittampalam wrote:
>> I'm therefore running through this process as an Advocate for the
>> feature, and I'd like a Skeptic to challenge me, and for others who care
>> sufficiently to speak up for and against the proposal.
> I can't play Skeptic because I want this too.
> (unless we grow desperate)
>> "What are the user stories?"
>> As a darcs user, I want an easy way to select between multiple
>> commonly-used remote repositories.
> Could be interesting to flesh this out into some sort of scenario.
> At the first level, a Scenario provides enough context and some
> concrete cases in how your users (the Personas) would use the product,
> but without going into too much technical detail.
> So it's not "the user will click this widget", but "the user will look
> up this information and decide X and perform Y".
> Recycling my past pseudo-personas, I think basically the people who
> would care about this are Jacek (repo maintainer, vcs expert) and Steve
> (regular user, not too sophisticated but uses darcs enough to want it to
> make life easier).
> Adam (casual open source contributor) and Mike (newbie, the sort of
> guy who would record -a his 3 Excel spreadsheets with message "Update
> Excel spreadsheets") probably would not care.
> -----
> Redbus Solutions, a small 6-coder team are on their final push towards
> version 1.3 of their NinjaPlait product. The NinjaPlait repositories
> consist of a single mainline branch and a separate X.Y branch for each
> release.  Steve has been splitting his time between the 1.3 release and
> this new calendar feature he's been working on over the year. Today,
> It occurred to Steve that the date parsing cleanup he did along the way
> would also kill a couple of blockers on the 1.3 list.  Having already
> pushed his calendar patches from his local copy to the mainline, he runs
> darcs push again, turning on repository selection because he can't be
> bothered working out the path to 1.3. ...
> -----
> Bah, I couldn't finish this because it didn't seem too
> realistic for Steve to be mixing up his calendar feature work with the
> 1.3 cleanups.  Why would he have the 1.3 branch in his repository?
> Anybody know about this Goal-Directed-Design stuff that can run with
> this?
>> One issue is that it's not immediately obvious to me what the precise UI
>> would be. It could
> I'll just mention that we have a list picking UI for multi-line
> _darcs/prefs/authors
> Eric
> * I'm not saying people should do this, by the way; this is just like that
> time I read Nudge and thought putting a frowny face into Darcs would be
> a good idea.  Just roll your eyes while I play with the new idea.
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