[darcs-users] new feature proposal: interactively select remote repo

Miles Gould miles at assyrian.org.uk
Tue Apr 5 18:52:56 UTC 2011

OK, I'll bite :-)

A possible alternative would be to allow the user to give nicknames to
other repositories: "1.3_test", "steve", "production" and so on. Then
the user could type "darcs push production" or "darcs pull steve".
Is there already a facility for doing this? If so, I couldn't find it. I
see two possibilities: adding a git-like "darcs remote" command, or
prompting the user for a short name the first time a new repo is used
(but what if they mistype the name? We'd probably need "darcs remote"

The user can sort-of do this themself, by setting shell variables
$steve, $production etc. But that's IMHO pretty ugly, and prohibits the
same name meaning different things in different repos. It would be
tedious to have to use a different synonym for "upstream" for every

This is a less Darcsy interface than Ganesh's proposal, because it
doesn't prompt the user as much. But I think I've made my feelings clear
on that point already :-) It would avoid the need to add flags to
push/pull/etc, and would require the user to type less in most cases.
Assuming that you pull or push more often than you add new repositories,
that is.


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