[darcs-users] [Haskell-cafe] Why not Darcs?

Sven Strittmatter weltraumschaf at googlemail.com
Fri Apr 22 10:44:59 UTC 2011

Am 21.04.11 22:44, schrieb Jason Dagit:

my opinion about that (I use Darcs now for 1,5 year at work and never 
heard before about it):

- Small community: Only a few people use Darcs (in my perception) and so 
you find less help/information on the web. Of course there is such 
help/information. One of the best IRC-Channels to me is the #darcs with 
a lot of helpfull people there. But when you 'google' for git/svn/hg/bzr 
etc. you will find way more sites. So it looks like that 'nobody' uses 
really Darcs. Sometimes I think we're the only commercial company in the 
universe which uses Darcs. I know that this is not true, but it feels 
like that. For the most Not-Darcs-Users we may seem like some 

- Tools and Integration: That's for me the most important point. There 
are no! tools at all. Yes that's exaggerated. But there are now 
integration in the wide spread large IDEs (Netbeans, Eclipse, InteliJ 
IDEA, PHPStorm, XCode etc.). There are no Integration for issue 
trackers. We written our issue tracker self because of that. There is no 
integration in buildtools like Phing, Ant or Maven. No integration in 
continuous integration like Bamboo, Cruise Control etc. Sole exception 
the Jnekins plugin I've started some weeks ago. A big problem doing that 
plugin: No Java lib for dealing with Darcs. For Git and SVN there is one.

I don't want to twit someone. But in our company we considered moving 
away from Darcs because of that (and also some of the former mentioned 
points like performance). One of our new green field projects we've 
started with Git. Because it is faster and better integrated in the tool 
chain. We can use it with PhpStrom/Netbeans/Eclipse, Redmine, Jenkins 
and can share code on GitHub. On the other hand we miss the feature of 
cherry picking single patches, which is to me one of the greatest 
features of Darcs!

My 50 cents

"Ich habe vom Glauben zum Wissen konvertiert." (Abdel-Samad)

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