[darcs-users] file permissions on patch files

Sönke Hahn shahn at cs.tu-berlin.de
Wed Apr 27 14:07:36 UTC 2011


I set up a darcs repo that should be world readable, because a webserver 
accesses it. However in the _darcs/patches directory, from time to time 
(that is, after pulling and pushing from and to the repo), some files are 
not marked world-readable. I suspect this is a darcs issue. (But of course 
this could also be a fault with our server.) Has anyone encountered 
something similar? Any ideas, what I might be doing wrong?

The users accessing the repo via ssh have their umask set to 022 (the 
systems default), and the _darcs/prefs/defaults reads:

apply umask 0002

All machines running darcs-2.5 or newer.

Thanks for any help,

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