[darcs-users] darcs get, but without _darcs?

Mukund Raghothaman muxdevil.m at gmail.com
Fri Aug 19 00:23:39 UTC 2011


Yes, darcs optimize reduces the size, but only by about 10-15 MB. The
repository is a large collection of pdf files - so that would be
expected, wouldn't it? The entire _darcs/inventories folder is only
about 2.9 KB in size. The giant is the 200 MB _darcs/pristine.hashed


On Thu, 2011-08-18 at 21:15 -0300, Guillaume Hoffmann wrote: 
> Hi,
> is the _darcs folder that big even after running "darcs optimize" ?
> For even further size reduction, you can do a complete get of the
> repository to another folder, and move this new copy to the original
> location, this will remove more files than optimize (since as of now,
> optimize does not get rid of useless files under the
> _darcs/inventories subdirectory).
> g.

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