[darcs-users] ANNOUNCE: darcs 2.5.1

Ganesh Sittampalam ganesh at earth.li
Thu Feb 10 23:54:46 UTC 2011


The darcs team is pleased to announce the release of darcs 2.5.1, a minor 
upgrade for the 2.5 release. The main focus of this release is support for 
the GHC 7.0 series and the upcoming February 2011 Haskell Platform, but 
the release also includes a few bug fixes and minor usability 
improvements. A detailed changelog is below.

The easiest way to install darcs 2.5.1 from source is by first installing 
the Haskell Platform (http://www.haskell.org/platform). If you have 
installed the Haskell Platform or cabal-install, you can install this 
release by doing:

   $ cabal update
   $ cabal install darcs-2.5.1

Alternatively, you can download the tarball from
http://darcs.net/releases/darcs-2.5.1.tar.gz and build it by hand as
explained in the README file.

Versions of GHC from 6.10.x to 7.0.x are supported.

The 2.5 branch is also available as a darcs repository from 

These will be posted to http://wiki.darcs.net/Binaries as they become 

Reporting bugs
If you have an issue with darcs 2.5.1, you can report it via the web on 
http://bugs.darcs.net/ . You can also report bugs by email to bugs at 


  * Include original text in conflict marks

    Conflicts are now marked up as

    v v v v v v v
    original text before any conflicting patch
    conflicting result A
    conflicting result B
    ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ ^

    The inclusion of the original text makes it much easier to understand
    what the changes on either side of the conflict were.

    This is only an incremental improvement to our conflict marking, which
    we understand is still hard to use. More substantial improvements are
    in the works.

  * Support GHC 7.0 and various recent library versions
    (http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2008, http://bugs.darcs.net/issue2019)

    This should mean that darcs 2.5.1 will work with the upcoming Feb 2011
    Haskell Platform release.

  * Restrict the GHC version in the cabal file

    This means that cabal builds will explicitly fail if an unsupported GHC
    version is encountered, which should cause less user confusion.

  * Update warning message about old-fashioned repositories

    It now points to a wiki page explaining our deprecation plan

  * Guard against non-repository paths during get

    Darcs normally checks for paths that point outside the repository when
    applying patches, but this check was missing in the case of get.

  * Darcs library API: make the "program name" configurable

    This makes it easier for external users of the library API to reuse
    Darcs' framework for handling commands.

  * darcs send now prints the remote repository address up front

    Previously it would first read the remote repository, which made it
    hard to see what was happening when accessing the remote repository

  * Informational message about --set-default is now disabled by explicit
    use of --no-set-default

    This allows users to silence the message by placing 'pull
    no-set-default', 'push no-set-default' and 'send no-set-default'
    in ~/.darcs/defaults or _darcs/prefs/defaults.

  * Handle _darcs/format correctly on get

    This is mainly a forwards compatibility issue as no existing version
    of darcs would create format files that are affected by this bug.

  * Fix linking with libdarcs on Windows

    This was a simple problem with a missing object file.

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